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Jane Smith Used Online Candidate for her Campaign Website CMSOur children are arguably the most important asset we have.  To provide an above average education to them is our responsibility and will be mine as your Representative.  As there were changes made to our K-12 programs in the past couple years, there is still much to be desired.  We are dealing with greater challenges with our students like we’ve never faced before.  Most of these challenges are beginning in the home. We must address this growing change; hire, train and support the current needs in the schools.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.  How can we begin to give knowledge if the Lord is no longer welcome in our classrooms?


Too  Much TrafficHumanity Issues

Every one should be able to raise, provide a decent living and educate their children and families. It is the responsibility of government Representatives to uphold righteous laws based on the principles given to us in the Bible. When we do this, we will have a fruitful and peaceable land. Socialist agendas and extreme liberal laws hinder us greatly and only makes promises it cannot full fill. It gives false hope to those who may be in need. This enslaves people and causes dependency on government  or allows for "too much" government which seeks to control how we educate our children, how much money we make, what we eat, where we live, etc. Lets move forward to protect our rights and promote values.



The Economy

I stand behind the tax reform put in place by our President Donald J Trump. I also stand for and promote capitalism. Our economy is growing, paychecks are larger as a result of the new tax reform.  This results in more American businesses hiring, being attracted to do and bring business here to Louisiana by way of factories, industry, production, plants etc. This also results in families potentially moving here and strengthening our state economy and revenue.




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