Shawndra Rodriguez Candidate for Louisiana US House of Representatives 2nd District


Protecting Rights and Promoting Values

I believe that every person should have access to great, affordable healthcare.  I do not believe that Obama Care achieved this goal but rather attempted to further despond low income families to cause them to stay at or below these low income levels, just to obtain mediocre healthcare with outrageous deductibles.  I will work as your Representative to ensure that a more competitive platform is brought to Louisiana as it relates to healthcare.


Crime is a huge problem for our state, due to the breakdown of the family, moral values, declination of our educational system among many other things, we continue to battle crime on an on-going basis.  This problem unfortunately will not change until hearts and lives are given to Christ Jesus.   We can however; and I as your Representative and lawmaker will do all I can to eliminate frivolous “programs” and the funding thereof  that do not and have not worked for years.  I will promote that which seeks accountability from judges and court systems in the state to ensure every level of crime is assessed properly, fairly and adequately to offer the best solutions in every case that comes before them. We must work together.


We should provide for alternative solutions in programs such as Teen Challenge and the like as mandatory in many of our drug use cases.  These are proven programs with some 85% success rates for deliverance and conversion from the lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse. We are not either sending defendants to these alternatives and or recommending some other “Program” that will only offer a band aid and not a long term change in that person’s life. Although these organizations are non-profit we should seek to find funding in something that works rather than wasting funds on things that don’t.  I am against any recreational legalization of marijuana. I would venture to say that more than 50 % of our children and young adults are in bondage to this terrible drug and it is in fact a gateway to opioids and the like. It is also the reason for much of the crime we experience, as well as the oppression and hopelessness our young adults and children face.

Constitutional Rights

I believe in the Constitution of the United States as put in place by our forefathers, ordained by none other than God. As your Representative I will uphold at every juncture the right to bear arms, protect and promote capitalism, and free speech for all American Citizens.

Global/Climate Change

I am against any climate change/global warming agendas. There is no such thing.  While our coasts here in Louisiana are very important and must be maintained, there is no need to allocate and spend funds on erroneous, fear based agendas. The Lord created this earth and the fullness thereof.  He alone is able to keep and sustain it.  We are however to be as responsible as we possibly can to maintain the earth we live in.

Right to Choose

I believe that abortion is murder.  I will not support any agendas that promote and or fund this horrible practice in our state or otherwise.

Foreign Policy

I am against ILLEGAL immigration. I am for LEGAL immigration into our state or any other.  We must be proactive and aware of the effect of ILLEGAL immigration in our state as it relates to crime, health issues, job loss etc. I am sensitive to the effects this is having on the families attempting to come to our country illegally.  It attests to how good we have it here in America as one would risk life, limb and family to get here. We must maintain control of our borders. Without borders we have no nation.  Furthermore anyone who comes to our great state and or country should make all efforts to assimilate to our culture (American), not force us to assimilate to theirs.


" It is only when we have received the love and mercy of God through Jesus Christ, that we can truly show love and mercy to our fellow man."

-Shawndra Rodriguez





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